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Ken Storch is an award-winning artist, educator, photographer, writer, and web publisher.

Photography is my primary artistic medium although I also work in oils, watercolors, pastels, inks, and traditional drawing media. For me, the aesthetic results are of import, not necessarily the tools and techniques used to achieve them. I am comfortable with, and conversant in, both long-established analog photography and the latest digital imaging technologies.

My personal work is held in collections in Arizona, such as 13 pieces in the Snell & Wilmer collection, as well as in private collections nationwide, and in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, and Australia.

My writing on Photography, Photoshop, and Digital Imaging, as well as my fine art photography and digital images, have appeared in local, national and international art and photography magazines.

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  1. Gary Nicholls

    Hi Ken,
    I was looking at Don Petits transit of Venus photos from the ISS and was interested in what filter he was using that gave the Sun its blue appearance. I can not find details of the filter, but read it was a Neutral Colour Filter, but if so, why would the Sun be blue? I looked at the EXIF data for the photos and he is using higher ISO (400) and longer exposure (1/1250), but you are using a stack of filters and 1/8000 and ISO 100, so I was curious as to why the difference?
    From a video of Petit in the cupola, he shows the camera and it would seem to be a film type filter, but no idea of the details. Maybe you have more info?
    Good images though, well done.

    1. Ken Storch

      Hi Gary,
      I don’t know the image, but, at a guess, some polarizers have a color shift, and even some so-called Neutral Density filters aren’t as pure as stated.
      Or, perhaps there was a color compensating filter like a Daylight filter in the chain.
      Thanks for your comments,

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