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    1. Ken Storch

      What’s your question?

  1. Laurent Vétillard

    Hello Ken,
    Happy New Year 2016, I’m a friend of Tina Mosetis we met trough Her in Paris longtime ago and I still have the beutiful picture that you offer me. I was in NYC last year and I had a fab evening with Tina and Her Mom.
    Hope you are very Well,
    Warmest Regards,

  2. edward melow

    Are you the Ken Storch that handled the “Betty Cash” investigation? if so please contact me at fatheredward46@aol,com thank you.

  3. Tommie Hannon

    Hello, Ken. Are you the same person that I knew, back on Willetta St? I was married to Fred.
    Just wanted to say Hi, and see how you are.

  4. Dale Wizieck

    Hi Ken,
    I heard you were a cop in Colorado. I put in 28 years with Jeffco Sheriff 1985-2013. I was hoping you could help me out. I wrote a book, “Cops Are People Too”, a comedy of things that happen to cops on duty and hoe they screw up like everyone else, that was published by Newman Springs Publishing. They did not market the book as advertised. Anyway since then I also wrote a murder mystery novel. My contract has expired. I compiled a list of publishers that publish cop books but I have no idea what format to use to submit the manuscript. I researched for a format but was unsuccessful in finding one. Can you please help me by providing a format or at least where to find instructions on the format?
    Dale Wizieck

    1. K S

      Hi Dale,

      You have the wrong Ken Storch.
      He can be found elsewhere on the web.

      Good luck

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