Why Do All the Photos on This Site Have Such a Big Copyright Notice?

Well, it’s easy.

Over the past few years, much of my original content has been stolen by various websites; and to add insult, the big major search engine often mistakenly attributed the work to the thieving sites. Most of the attributions have been returned to my sites, but sheesh! What an endless time waster.

After many hours and claims filed, and other such goings on, I just decided to make the theft as blatant as possible, by labeling my images so prominently.

Ugly? Yes. Practical? Maybe. Certainly more so than endless filing of legal forms.

So. Parents. Tell your kiddies. Don’t steal off the web. Please attribute the sources!!!

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  1. Jerry Sheridan

    I am soo dissapointed to learn that people would steal.

    1. Ken Storch

      Such an innocent. Everybody, especially in the arts, steals. ;>)

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