Close-up trans-illuminated in darkfield setup
Close-up detail


Macro close-up photography – Objects and Illumination. The detail shots are 100% crops of the prints; 19″ x 13″ (48cm x 33cm) up to 20″ x 30″ (76cm x 50cm)



Evocatively Illuminated
“This reminds me”


The detail images shown here are approximately 6″x4″ (15cm x 10cm)  segments of the actual prints.



detail of a portrait




A very small portrait
“A face I know”





detail - profile




Somewhat fractally yours
“Surface Tension”




Deeply detailed




Complexly detailed growth
“Can’t Unravel”





Amazing texture



“Natural Statement”





Detail of 6









The techniques used include a homemade modification of ‘dark field illumination‘ which is used in micro (microscope) photography. I created my own set up specifically for this series of images.

In order to get the complete Depth of Field in these pix, I needed to takes dozens of photos with slightly different points of focus, and then ‘focus stacking‘ software technology to align and mask them to create the complete images.

It is surprisingly time consuming to do it well, and achieve something visually interesting, and technically coherent.


The Darkfield Illumination set up
The Darkfield Illumination set up – Click for bigger, clearer image (then use your browser Back button to return)
Objects and Illumination – Macro Photography
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